Media Manager

What you bring to the table

You are passionate about social media marketing and follow the latest trends and developments that continue to define this exciting field.

You have several years of professional experience in the social media sector, as well as familiarity in other areas (project management, creation, conception).

You have a professional working knowledge of the most important social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok) and can transform usage data into solid courses of action.

You are familiar with Facebook advertising as well as those of other networks.

Your work approach is goal- and solution-oriented and always with a constant eye on KPIs.

You are organized, structured, and reliable.

You have strong communication skills and enjoy working independently in a creative team.

You are familiar with all the usual MS Office programs.

Your German grammar and spelling convey skill and confidence.

This is your job

As a social media manager, you are responsible for the operational management and strategic development of our clients’ social media presence.

You plan, develop, and supervise social media projects and monitor their success.

You take care of the supervision during the creation, maintenance, and coordination of editorial plans, as well as the process-based handling of possible escalation scenarios in community management.

As a professional contact person, you have your eye on changing market conditions, as well as being informed regarding the competition.

You identify development potentials and trends and implement them for our customers in a platform-specific and strategy-compliant way.

You drive the strategic management and development of your accounts and further strengthen the trust and cooperative relationship with our clients.

You design and create presentations that you can present to clients with confidence and élan.